The Fiery Priest OST Part 4 | With Chin Chilla & Ga eun

The FIery Priest OST Part 4 with Chin Chilla & Gaeun !! Chin Chilla start being active again while Ga Eun release first official appearance !

The Fiery Priest OST

One of the highest TV Rating for Drama in 2019, particularly when this episode air it reach 22.2 % TV Ratings in Seoul city !! Before Chin Chilla & Ga eun participate, PUNCH & GREE already fill the 2nd OST for SBS Fiery Priest Drama. A successful drama always have a great OST, and this is one of the example.


Chin Chilla & Ga Eun ‘Paradise’ for The Fiery Priest OST

Paradise is Superhero-ish type of song that use old school South Korea ‘Gangster’ movie type of music that depict the main character fight against corrupt society. Just like the lyrics by Chin Chilla “So I’m Moving trying to change the world, Keep moving fighting those evils, I Don’t give up this is where i live”. TMI : Ga Eun actually participate in San E ‘Like An Airplane’ feat Gary as the female voice in the intro,



Chin Chilla have been busy recently, also participate in a collaboration track with High Color ‘Your Season’. For future activities, Oh Damryul already audition for SMTM 8 this year, make sure eto tune in to your TV to watch the young Wave this summer !!

Chin Chilla SMTM 8 Audition


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