GRAY TMI | There’s never Too Much Information about GRAY

“TMI ~ TMI ~ TMI ~ TMI~  TMI~ TMI~ TMI~ TMI~” Yup! That’s the actual lyrics from the latest track from AOMG talented producer GRAY TMI. Let’s check out the new track !!


GRAY Is super productive as a producer, already produce more than 180 songs in his career. But, he barely produce anything for himself, you can even count it with your own fingers (Only count solo Music not collaboration & featurings). Now, GRAY is back with TMI, which is an abbreviation for Too Much Information.



So rather than usual review where i write about music, i gonna write about GRAY TMI / Too much information.

  • Breakfast : Sunny side up , cereal & Toast
  • Watching Netflix , favorite american tv series
  • He used love going outside but now he’s too lazy and become homebody
  • He’s a Sagittarius
  • Prefer Snowy days
  • Most memorable trip : AOMG Tour
  • GRAY Motto ‘Don’t Look Back in Regret”
  • What he want ‘My Own Album
  • Dream House = Penthouse with Han River view
  • Scared of Thunder
  • Must have fashion item = Watches, Bracelets, rings
  • Dislike Bugs
  • He sleeps all day when got no schedule
  • He prefer dogs over cats because he have cats allergies
  • Did lasik surgery because his eyes minus 7
  • GRAY Car is White Mercedes G Class



That’s so many.. i could’ve write entire new articles about that but that’s for another time. GRAY last year also make a collaboration track with Loco ‘Late night’ where fellow AOMG friends like Code Kunst, Woo Wonjae, DJ Wegun & Elo appear as Minion !!

GRAY x LOCO ‘Late Night’ 

Make sure to follow GRAY on Instagram : @Callmegray & @AOMGOFFICIAL . Can’t wait for GRAY album !!



Listen & Purchase to GRAY TMI on Apple Music, Spotify, Melon, Genie & Bugs


Wath else do you found about GRAY in the track TMI ?? There’s never Too Much information about our AOMG producer !