Pink Sweats Honesty Cover | By Cha Cha Malone & Junny

Pink Sweats Honesty Cover. By Chacha Malone of AOMG/H1GHRMUSIC & Junny of Marilyn Monderland. Check out a great cover from both of them !

Pink Sweats Honesty Cover

Released on September 2018, Honesty by Pink Sweat$ also getting covered by Cha Cha Malone & Junny !! They release their respective Pink Sweats honesty cover on their soundcloud ~. Honesty is such a good song to begin with, it’s hard to make the song even better but both of them did !

ChaCha Malone Honesty Cover (Original Pink Sweat$)

Wait isn’t Chacha Malone a producer ?? You’re not wrong but this is not the first instance that Producer can also have a great voice. Just like his fellow H1GHRMUSIC Producer Thurxday/Mokyo who transition from being a producer to also a singer. Honestly, Honesty by Chacha Malone goes way beyond expectation. I Need Cha Cha voice boy !!



Junny from Marilyn Monderland also made a do a Pink Sweats Honesty Cover. Junny great voice with a music remake by fellow Marilyn Monderland member Holy Moley = Perfect.

Junny Honesty cover prod by HolyMoley (Original Pink Sweat$)

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What do you think of Pink Sweats Honesty cover from both of them ?? Let us know in th e comment section below !!