TWICE What is Love cover | R&B version by Ku One Chan

TWICE What is Love Cover !! This time it’s gonna be an R&B version by a singer from Magic Strawberry Sound Ku One Chan. Let’s check it out ~

TWICE What is Love cover

I wanna know ~ satangcheoreom dalkomhadaneunde, I wanna know ~ haneureul naneun geot gatdaneunde, I wanna know know know know What is love? Sarangi eotteon neukkiminji” It’s been one year but we can’t help to sing along to the catchy song ~. What do you think if someone do an R&B take of TWICE ‘What is Love’ ?? Ku One Chan just did it and it’s awesome !


TWICE What is Love cover by Ku One Chan

So How do you think ?? The vibes is totally different right ?? Especially the hook where it become a really sweet melody. Now i’m start to think that a collaboration between Ku One Chan & TWICE member gonna sounds amazing ~. TMI : Ku One Chan is from Magic Strawberry sound, same family as Samuel Seo, Cheeze, 10 CM & Many more.



Ku One Chan have been collaborating with numerous hip – hop & Rnb Artist recently. One of my favorite track is How Did You’ feature Baek Yerin. 

Ku One Chan ‘How Did You‘ feat Baek yerin

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