BTS Boy with Luv remake | By SAAY & Heavy ray !

BTS Boy with Luv remake , R&B Version ?? Our R&B singer just did that !! SAAY & Heavy Ray recently release a remake of one of the most popular track in 2019, let’s get it !

BTS Boy with luv Remake

BTS Boy with Luv is still charting number 1 in all south korea music chart as we speak, breaking youtube MV records as we speak, and most likely gonna break more records available as we speak. Heavy Ray of Romano BLackwood and SAAY from universal music did their take of BTS boy with Luv, the first one did a piano acapella remake while the later do an English lyrics remake. Let’s check out BTS Boy with Luv Remake from them!


SAAY BTS Boy with luv remake

Okay SAAY you got me ~. A remake of an already great song with english lyrics & SAAY R&B take of ‘Boy With Luv‘ in the intro. SAAY is talented R&B Singer from Universal Music, often perform together with Dean, Rad Museum & You will Knovv. TMI: SAAY recently release SAAYGRAM documentary so everyone can get to know more about SAAY ~.



Heavy Ray of Romano Blackwood also did a take & remix BTS Boy with Luv. Heavy ray do piano take, rap & sing cover of the song. He’s a friend of Rick Bridges and both of them gonna challenge SMTM 8 together this year !!

Heavy Ray BTS Boy With Luv Remake

Don’t forget to Stream original version of BTS Boy With Luv

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