Rick Bridges Rainy Road | Chill R&B after fierce hip hop

Rick bridges rainy road ~. Chill R&B tracks by Rick Bridges of Romano Blackwood which have been releasing uptempo song recently

Rick Bridges Rainy Road
Last 3 song of Rick bridges is ‘Deuces’ , ‘Cinderella’ & SON (A song for Tottenham Hotspur player Son Heungmin). All of them is a fast upbeat tempo track co produced by producer Squar. Now, Rick bridges is back with a new single ‘Rainy Road’a ┬ásong for you that just go home from your busy day.


Rick Bridges Rainy road audio feat Choi Yegeun

“I dont wanna hear trap, been listening to it all day bass, I’m tired of hip-hop
I just wanna be relaxed. Baby you feel me~” . Yup, i totally can relate with Rick Bridges. After a long day, i prefer listening to chill track like this instead of hard trap & hip hop. Choi Yegeun verse in the middle also really nice to listen~



Rick Bridges is ready once more to show his versatility on SMTM 8 this year. He already post his audition clips on Youtube with Heavy ray. Can’t wait too see him on television in the summer !!

Rick Bridges SMTM 8 audition


Bonus : RIck Bridges ‘Outro’ feat Eugene Park

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