Chancellor Taeyeon ‘Angel’ | Story of 2 people Come & Goes

Chancellor Taeyeon collaboration !! Chancello recently release a track titled ‘Angel’ with Taeyeon. 2 Angelic voice singing a track titled angel, perfect.

Chancellor Taeyeon

One of the biggest story from 2018 in Khh/krnb industry is when Million Market bought several companies including ATM Seoul, Off the & Rhtyment. Million Market sign Chancellor & Jiselle when this acquisition happen, now in 2019, Chancellor is finally debut as Million market artist with a track ‘Angel’ with Taeyeon


Chancellor ‘Angel‘ feat Taeyeon MV

Start with a acoustic guitar by Kim Seunghyun, continue by Chancellor sweet voice, perfected by Taeyeon in 1:45. The song starts with Chancellor lyrics “Do You Know I’m Still here?? after the years, i still loved you” and end with Taeyeon lyrics “I Know, i really know i just pretend i dont know, if we ended up meet again, i love you again” . The feels ….



Chancellor is known for his sweet voice. This is a throwback when Chancellor made a songs cover project with H1GHRMUSIC G Soul. TMI : There still more songs that Chancellor cover so check out his Youtube channelĀ 

Chancellor x G Soul song covers project

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