PERC%NT PVC Mini Album | with Dynamic Duo & Sumin

Perc%nt PVC Mini Album. The 1st Mini album of the singer from Mystic Entertainment or now known as Mystic Story.

Perc%nt PVC

Per%nt is Mystic Entertainment Secret weapon, Said the CEO Yoon Johngsin in the showcase. Introduced by Jang Jane back in 2014, Officially Debut on 2017, Perc%nt actually start his career as a pianist & Hip hop artist. Even Melon can’t really describe what his genre, they just put all of the genre available for Perc%ent Rock/Metal , R&B/Soul & Hip hop.

Perc%nt PVC EP

  • PVC
  • Canvas GIrl feat Choiza
  • Rabbit Hole feat Sumin
  • Music God
  • Downtown
  • Flower Scent feat Dwayne
  • Day off Feat Bumzu

Perc%nt have a lot stories, he want to tell a sweet story with this Mini Album. The title is PVC just like the transparent/clear Vinyl Based PVC, which mean that Perc%nt want to fill his EP with many colors & Stories in the future!


Canvas Girl feat Choiza

Title track of Perc%nt PVC Mini album is feature by Choiza of Dynamic Duo & produced by Perc$nt with Jung Donghwan.  A combination of Soft vocals & swet rap through the melody by Jazzy Piano of Jung Donghwan. The Music Video for ‘Canvas Girl‘ use Sepia theme that really suit the style of Music.




Not only one, Perc%nt also prepare a track titled ‘Rabbit Hole’ which was inspired by Alice in the Wonderland movie. The track have Sumin as a feature ~

Perc%nt Rabbit Hole feat Sumin

Make sure to follow Perc%nt On instagram : @the_p2rcent ; Can’t wait for more music in 2019 !


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