Crush Sketchbook 440 | Special 10 years anniversarry

Crush Sketchbook 440. A special guest for a memorable episode of Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook. Let’s look Crush activities in the show ~.

Crush Sketchbook 400

Last week was 10 years anniversarry of Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook, the program that introduce us to many talented musician & artist over the years, Crush is one of the most frequent Guest on Yoo Heeyeol sketchbook, already came since when he still working as a duo with Zion T.


Crush Lay Your Head on Me on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook

Crush open his session on Yoo heeyeol Sketchbook by singing ‘Lay Your Head on Me‘. A pop song with all english lyrics. This song is one of the most popular song for Crush Overseas,



Crush going all over the world

Crush have been busy going all of the world since late 2018. Start from North America, Europe, Crush even goes to Southeast asia to perform !! Crush still become everyone Crush even when he perform in foreign countries.



Crush cover ‘The Veiled Path’ (Original Yoo Jaeha)

Crush is a big fan of late Yoo Jaeha sunbaenim. In this episode of Yoo heeyeol Sketchbook, Crush cover a legendary song by the legend ‘The Veiled Path‘. TMI : Yoo Jaeha is also one of Zion T Favorite musician.


Crush & Yoo Heeyeol ‘The Veiled Path‘ Acapella


Crush U & I

This is one of forgotten song from Crush. Crush actually did a feature on Yoo Heeyeol group TOY with Beenzino. This is still a gem on 2019, anything with Crush voice is gem anyway.



Humble Crush

Even though Crush already gain a such immense popularity : Song always top the charts whenever he release music, appear on TV multiple times, Being invited to Overseas & loved by everyone. Crush still have the same mindset when he still debut, he won’t take anything for granted and still work as hard as he can to return everyone love


Crush ‘Oasis’ to end the performance

Bonus : Unaired Clip  Crush Sketchbook 440 singing ‘Beautiful’



Make sure to follow Crush on Instagram : @Crush9244 . If you want to watch the full episode of Crush Sketchbook 440 with English subs  HERE


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