Zizu OOTD feat New Champ | Debut track !!

Zizu Debut !! New rapper from Rockwist crew release a debut track titled OOTD. It also feature Sin & Punishment crew leader New Champ !


Zizu Debut track is titled OOTD, a internet abbreviation slang that means ‘Outfit of the Day‘. As a soundcloud artist, Zizu already release music since 3 years ago, 2016. If you curious about more of Zizu Music, you can check his soundcloud : @zizubaby . Zizu already release many soundcloud tracks including a mixtape !


Zizu OOTD feat New Champ prod by Lastmile MV

Zizu OOTD is produced by Rockwist crew leader Lastmile, their friendship goes way back since 4 years ago so that’s probably why the beat really suit Zizu voice color. Sin & Punishment crew leader New Champ also featured in Zizu debut track. TMI : School rapper 3 contestant Itownkid / Seo Mingyu also a part of Sin & Punishment crew ~



Not stopping only by release the debut track. Zizu also plan to join SMTM 8 !! He already post his SMTM 8 audition video on his SNS, can’t wait to see Zizu later on television !

Zizu SMTM 8 AUdition


Bonus : Zizu 1st Mixtape on Soundcloud

Make sure to follow Zizu, New Champ & Producer Lastmile on Instagram : @Zizubaby ; @newchamp6110 ; @Lastmile_rockwist ; Rockwist_official



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