Bang Yongguk Coming Home for MBC Special documentary

Bang Yongguk is back !! With a original sound track for a special documentary about Korea History. This is such a honor.

Bang Yongguk Coming Home

Bang Yongguk Coming Home for ‘Coming Home, a Hundred years later‘ Documentary OST. The documentary is special by MBC to commemorate 100 years the establishment of Korea provisional goverment. Recently rapper receive the honor to make a song about Korea history, Bewhy even become South Korea national ambassador for Korea 1st March movement!


Bang Yongguk ‘Coming Home‘ Special CLip

Just like the lyrics from the track “I will Keep flying higher, i’m ready for the new world, A Journey to find myself, yo now everyone take your freedom, yeah put it on!” This song is a teaser for the Special documentary where modern south Korea citizen gonna learn their own history and how their freedom & independence was really hard fought.



Coming Home, a Hundred years later Episode | Special documentary by MBC

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