Heize Remake project | Old songs with Heize vibes

Heize remake project !! Heize start a new remake project on youtube channel. I personally love old songs & love heize music so its like killing 2 birds with one stone

Heize Remake

Are you ready for new heize Music ?? No need to wait that long since Heize release her 1st full album ‘She’s Fine’ because Heize gonna start a new remake project !! This project gonna keep updated on Heize youtube channel Da Heize, where Heize gonna upload new music of her remake old songs from the 90’s & 2000’s with Heize Music & vibe.


Heize remake ‘Diary‘ original Candy Man

Have you heard this song ?? Diary is once a popular song back in 2000’s which is a OST for ‘Kick The Moon‘ movie. The original song is a simple yet catchy song with a Acoustic guitar strum & band as an accompaniment. Heize remake this song with piano & Rnb vibes as accompaniment.

Original Songs ‘일기’ Candy man



Recently, there’s been multiple remake project by KRNB artist. We also got Colde remake a songs from the 90’s few months ago titled ‘Don’t Leave Me’ (Original Light & Salt).

Colde remake ‘Don’t Leave Me’ (Original Light & Salt).

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What do you think of Heize remake project ?? Do you have any suggestion of Old songs to remake ??? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below !!