Bang Jaemin Amoeba Culture part Ways | Due to Health reasons

Bang Jaemin Amoeba Culture part ways. Yesterday at 30th of April 2019, Amoeba Culture & Bang Jaemin decide to go their own separate ways.

Bang Jaemin Amoeba Culture

Bang Jaemin Amoeba Culture. Former School rapper 1 & 2 contestant A.mond / Bang Jaemin of Kiff Clan is not a part of Amoeba Culture anymore. It’s been a short yet memorable journey for Bang Jaemin who explore a lot new activities with Amoeba Culture, including new field of work as an actor in drama ‘Top Management’.


Amoeba Culture official statement

Bang Jaemin Amoeba Culture

“Hello, This is Amoeba Culture

Today, April the 30th, after deliberate consideration we decide to end exclusive contract of Bang Jaemin due to health reason.

It was  great pleasure for us to share & experience Bang Jaemin growth as an artist even if it’s only for a brief of time

This decision was made after deliberate consideration, considering further activities in entertainment industry will be difficult due to health reason

We really grateful to all the fans that give Bang Jaemin love & Support, we hope he can be healthy soon. please keep looking forward to Bang Jaemin in the future.”



Bang Jaemin on School rapper 1

Bang Jaemin actually got offer from big entertainment agency like SM Entertainment & YG. Yet, Bang Jaemin choose Amoeba Culture because they feel like a family to him. In an interview with BNT news, Bang Jaemin share that Dynamic duo hyung always listen to him & Yankee hyung is like a father who takes him on a trip.


Happy Bang Jaemin Amoeba Culture

This is when Gaeko hyung invite Bang Jaemin  to watch Kendrick Lamar concert


Bang Jaemin the actor in Top Management drama

Bang Jaemin also venture to new field of entertainment industry when he’s with Amoeba Culture. Star on Youtube Originals Drama ‘Top management‘ as an Idol with cha eunwoo, Jeong yoo ahn & Ahn hyoseop. The Drama & Bang Jaemin the actor is really well received by the viewers~


TMI: Why Bang Jaemin Stage A.mond ?

His friend ask ? “What does Almond leave when they die ?” The answer is “Die Amond (Diamond)” So i make my stage name A.mond because i want to be like a diamond . Bang Jaemin Dad jokes level = dad .



Make sure to follow Bang Jaemin on Instagram : @A.mond_jaemin . Bang Jaemin Amoeba culture journey ends but this is just a start of a new journey for Bang Jaemin.


We wish all the speedy recovery for A.mond health. Let’s all keep supporting Bang Jaemin in the future !!