Duckbae Dont Wait | For Me For We For You

Duckbae is back !! The rapper from All I Know Music have officially debut and ready to be really active on 2019 !!

Duckbae Dont wait

Duckbae Dont Wait. We’ve been waiting a really long time to Duckbae official solo debut since his appearance on SMTM 6. First featuring could be traced back to 2016 when Duckbae appear on fellow All I know music member Giant Pink single album. Not only that Duckbae release his debut EP 24/7 in january 2019, he also just release a soundcloud track produced by Scary P.


Duckbae Dont wait prod Scary P Live clip

SCARYP ALL OF EM” That’s the signature sound of Producer Scary P who also produce the track for Duckbae fellow AIKM member Giant Pink track ‘Mirror Mirror’. The track is originally release as a soundcloud track (not an official track) but later on made a live clip in collaboration with 82 Sound.



Duckbae also audition for SMTM 8 !! He actually one of the most eager contestant to join the Annual Hip hop survival show. Just minutes after the audition open, Duckbae post his SMTM 8 online audition and its lit !!

Duckbae SMTM 8 Audition

Make sure to follow Duckbae on Instagram :@Duck_bae95 & Producer ScaryP Instagram :@scaryp. Don’t miss out on Duckbae future updates !!



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