CMBY debut track Get Down | Cool Kids Never die !

CMBY Debut !! Comaboy or now stylized shorten as CMBY is a singer from Cool Kids never die crew. He’s officially debut with a new track Get down ! Lets get to know more about Cmby and the track ~

CMBY Debut

CMBY debut !! If you follow Young Kay of Kiff Clan, you’re probably already saw CMBY couple of times hang out together. Comaboy is a part of Cool Kids Never Die Crew, a rising hip hop , R&b crew that established last year on 2018. Before release the track ‘Get Down‘ CMBY have been active in Soundcloud, release few tracks and feature in other artist unofficial track.


CMBY Get Down prod by xa2xam vs blanco

Produit par Blanco, That’s the signature sound of  xa2xam vs blanco a producer from fellow Cool Kids Never die Crew. There’s not only 1 beat in this track, it feels like we got so many music in one track because the beat keep changing from beginning to the end. Which is a good thing, as a debu track CMBY prove that he can sing in many types of beat, a good pitch consider he also audition for AOMG SIgn Here.



Yup !! CMBY is auditioning for AOMG new survival show with MBN Tv Channel ‘Sign Here’. There’s many other talented & more known contestant beside CMBY but we wish we can see & hear his voice on television later when summer come ~

CMBY AOMG SIgn Here audition

Bonus : Comaboy feature in Bambi track ‘Time In Blue’

Make sure to follow Comaboy & CKND Crew on Instagram : @eyesareshiningfullofpride  ; @official_coolkidsneverdie



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