Yang Dail Skepticism EP | Brand New Music from yang Dail

Yang Dail is back !! One of the most active singer since 2018, Yang Dail is back with another EP. Let’s get to know more about Yang Dail Skepticism while enjoy the tracks inside.

Yang Dail Skepticism

Already debut back on 2015, Yang Dail already have more than 90 songs release include featuring’s. Not only known for his songs, Yang Dail also known for his OST’s. Just few months ago, He’s become one of the singer that participate for TVN ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ OST. Now, Yang dail is back with a new EP titled Skepticism, he said he’s been struggling to squeeze idea for this EP, so let’s see how it turns out~

Yang dail Skepticism EP tracklist

  • I’d Love You but i have my hands full at the moment
  • Tonight
  • You Don’t know
  • Dreams
  • Tonight *Instrument)

The EP is produced by Humbert who produce Olltii track, new BNM member Vincent Blue & Jungkey. There’s only 4 tracks inside the EP & Yang dail said sorry because he’s can only write 4 songs this time. No need to be sorry though because every track is a masterpiece !

Yang Dail ‘Tonight’ MV

Yang Dail Skepticism EP title track ‘This Night’ is 6 minutes 49 seconds long. Is the one in the MV look familiar ?? The actress is Im Ji-yeon and the actor is Min Jiwoong who you probably recognized the later one as the secretary if you watch TVN ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ Drama. Yang Dail voice, gloomy lyrics & MV really make me repeat the MV multiple times. It’s just like watching a short movie.



Yang Dail voice really suit different type of music. He can do R&B, Ballad, Drama OST, Soul, featuring in Hiphop artist track, the list goes on and on. My personal favorite still a track with Wendy Red Velvet titled ‘One Summer’ that was released last year.

Yang Dail x Wendy ‘One SUmmer‘ MV

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What do you think of Yang Dail Sketicism EP ?? Which track is your favorite from the EP ? Let us know in the comment section below !!