TVN Studiovibes | Music, Friendship & maybe more

TVN Studiovibes gonna air soon !! What is this show is all about ?? Let’s get to know more about the concept of the show & the cast ~.

TVN Studiovibes

TVN Studiovibes, a new reality/variety by TVN that gonna air on 1st of May 2019. Studiovibes gonna combine a music & Friendship by have talented musician that include singer, rapper & DJ sharing a house together. Just imagine musician version of SBS Roommate, just this time probably more romance will be in the air because they gonna pair up to make music (one already paired up in real).


TVN Studiovibes Cast

  • Bigone
  • Deepshower
  • Nam Taehyun
  • Lee Woo Madtown
  • Choi Nakta
  • Ko Sungmin
  • stella Jang
  • Jang Jane
  • Chahee Melody Day
  • Eyedi


If you an avid followers of Korea news and gossip you probably already know that one couple already born thanks to this show. Yup! Nam Taehyun & Jang Jane is confirmed to be dating because of this show ~. Is there gonna be next ??


Not only friendship & Romance, Studiovibes also havee great music. Every cast in this show will actually pair up with one another to make a great Music. Our KHH ‘Representative’ Bigone of VMC & DJ Deepshower also gonna have their music friends ~



Panelist :

TVN Studiovibes

  • Shin Dong Yup
  • Heechul
  • JeA
  • JooE

According to the news there’s gonna be panelist for this show also. I guess it’s gonna be like ‘I Live Alone’ where the panelist comment on cute moments on the video but let’s see later~.


Studiovibes Episode 1 Teaser

Excited right ? Studiovibes have so many potential music wise, all 10 cast is talented musician of their own but a pairing between two of them gonna be awesome. Adding a little bit of romance is not actually a bad thing, last year there’s Loco & Hwasa track ‘Jujjima’ who rule the charts right ?? I still don’t know if there’s will be any English Subs Studiovibes but we really look forward to it !!



What do you think of the new Tv show TVN Studiovibes ?? It’s gonna air soon make sure to check it out !!


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