Thama Pre EP | Project of Amoeba Culture x Devine Channel

The first artist that gonna collaborate for Amoeba Culture x Devine Channel new project is Thama !! Thama Pre EP is a magnificent start to a great project.

Thama Pre

Thama is an artist from Devine Channel agency, a international agency with Korea & U.S artist included such as : SOLE, Nikki Paige, Kei Lim, Mike dupree and many more. Thama officially debut on 2017, and have been making lots of good songs & feature in Giriboy, Kid Milli, Kim Seungmin & Cosmicboy tracks.


Thama Pre EP tracklist

  • Down for U feat Gaeko
  • Sing It
  • Question feat Jooyoung
  • 2G Love feat Sole
  • Song for your night

All the tracks in the EP is self composed, arranged & produced by Thama.  The track inside Pre EP express relatable everyday life, it’s a stories that everyone have seen & experience.


Thama ‘Sing It’ Live clip

Thama could read the back label of my instant noodles package and i would still love it, Thama voice is just that great. We often drowned with our own thoughts when we walk to do our daily activities everyday, and so does Thama. It’s nothing complicated though, Thama train of thoughts is probably the same as you ~.


Thama ‘Sing it‘ Lyrics snippet

“I Doesn’t look that different from 10 years ago
I was grooving all the damn time
My mom is too worried
I want to sing
I really want to rap and enjoy
I want to fly a plane
I really want to fly a plane”



My personal favorite track from Thama is ‘Question‘ feat Jooyoung.

Bonus : Giriboy & Thama ‘Empty House’ on SMTM 777

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what do you think of Thama Pre EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!