Young Kay Soundcloud | Proud Kiff Maknae

Young Kay soundcloud new release !! Kim Minkyu is back with a new track after his appearance on School Rapper 3. Let’s check it out ~

Young Kay soundcloud

Young Kay is back !! With a soundcloud track, a place where we usually found rough diamond. Even though this time around it’s not rough anymore because we already witness how talented Kim Minkyu when we watch his performance on School Rapper 3. The Kiff Clan maknae not only release 1 track on his soundcloud but 3 !!

Young Kay Hello Stranger soundcloud

THere’s 3 track that have totally different vibes from each other. 1st track ‘Hello Stranger‘ sounds like a track that gonna comes out from the rapper of Team The Quiett & Code Kunst. This is actually the vibe that i really prefer especially after watching school rapper 3 for 2 months and witness Minkyu improvement every week.



2nd track ‘KBSG’ show Young Kay crazy flow in a melodic beat, It’s hard to get it right in this type of beat because i tfeels like you always racing against the beat.  While the 3rd track is a electronic trap with fellow Cool Kids Never die Crew CMBY. Minkyu is really young so i glad he keep experiment with different kind of beat & flow. Learning its not over even when Minkyu is not in school rapper anymore~

Young Kay  ‘KBSG’ & ’24 Ch‘ feat CMBY


Young Kay on School Rapper 3 | Perform ‘Here’ with Vinxen

Kim Minkyu Journey in HSR3 is over too early when he was eliminated in Semifinal. Not because he lost against other School rapper 3 contestant but because he lose against sickness. At Semifinal, Young Kay is sick and his voice is really hoarse but he still rap as hard as he can with Kiff Clan hyung Vinxen.



Make sure to follow Young Kay on Instagram :@wvsyk , Young Kay Soundcloud : @letshtb & Crew ; @official_coolkidsneverdie . We can’t wait for Kim Minkyu future activities !!


What do you think of Young Kay Soundcloud tracks ??? Which one is your favorite ?? let us know in the comment section below !!