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Mac9 Album !! Rapper Mac9 release his first full album titled ‘Fresher than Mo’ II’. This is a continuation not just a sequel.

Mac9 Album

Mac9 Album ‘Fresher than mo II’ is a continuation of ‘Fresher than mo’ Mixtape that release 1 year ago. Officially debut on 2018 with single ‘Be Up’ on 2018, Mac9 also joined last year SMTM 777 ranked quite high in 2nd round stage but didnt get any airtime from MNET. No need to worry though, because we believe sooner or later there’s gonna be more fans of Mac9 after listening to the album !


Mac9 album Fresher than Mo II Tracklist

  • Spaceship feat Paloalto
  • Walk in the coast feat Hash Swan
  • Breezy day feat Kirin
  • Lit4what feat Mckdaddy & Dayday
  • There’s tomorrow feat ODEE
  • Interlude
  • Mac time
  • Dreamin’bout Mastered Version


Spaceship feat Paloalto

This track was actually pre release as a single last month. ‘Spaceship’ feat Paloalto combine futuristic-esque R&b beat that was produced by Mac9 & IVN. Paloalto solid rap is a perfect complement to Mac9 unique voice, actually every featuring in this EP is really perfect for mac9 voice, all the rapper feature have their own distinct voice color that complement Mac9,



My personal favorite track from Mac9 album is ‘Lit 4 what!‘ feat Mckdaddy & dayday. Why ?? The beat is just perfect for all 3 of them !! Enjoy ~

Mac9 ‘Lit 4 what‘ feat Mckdaddy & Dayday


If you curious about the Mixtape ‘Fresher Than mo’ you can check on Mac9 soundcloud

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