VMC New Member | Producer Holyday and Freddi Casso

VMC New Member !!  Vis Major company have not one but 2 new artist, it’s producer Holyday & Freddi Caso , let’s get to know more about two of them ~

VMC new member

VMC new member teaser drop yesterday. There’s lots of expectation and speculation about who the next member is. In our Twitter handle there’s lots of people that think it’s gonna be one of the school rapper 3 contestant like Siga A & goi who really suit the style of VMC music. Today, VMC announce that new member is a producer !! They were still unknown to the public so lets get to know more about Holyday & fredi casso


Holyday & Freddi Casso introduction track

Holyday ‘Holyday’ feat Nucksal & ODEE

Fredi Casso ‘010’ feat QM & Webster B



Producer Holyday

As a producer Holyday is quite veteran, the first producing record could be trace back to 2013,  producing track for Reddy ‘SE02L’ single back in 2013.  Recently, Holyday have been producing track for ODEE of VMC ‘flicker’ & QM x Odee collab ‘QOD’ freestyle. Holyday use a boombap beat with a twist, using electronic rhythm in between.


Producer Fredi Casso / C.Why

Fredi Casso name is unfamiliar right ?? He was more known as C Why before. Already release his own album, while produce for other artist such as Boo Hyunseok, QM and Many more. We really curious if he gonna experiment with new style of Music under the new name & new company. But one thing for sure we really excited !!



Make sure to follow both of them with their new family on Instagram : @holy4life @fredi_casso & @Vismajor_company , Can’t wait for the collaboration of the VMC New member with the rapper !!


What do you think of VMC new Member ?? lets u know iin the comment section below !!