Kim Seungmin Holywood feat Justhis | Welcome to Holywood

Kim Seungmin Holywood . A New track that feature Indigo Music Justhis. Get to know more about the track & Kim Seungmin recent activities !

Kim Seungmin Holywood

Kim seungmin of WYBH is back with a new track titled Holywood featuring Justhis. 2019 have been quite busy for Kim Seungmin : release a KGVOVC EP, have several featuring, perform nearly every week & audition for SMTM 8. The last part were something i really look forward to consider last year he didnt get enough of airtime on SMTM 777.


Kim Seungmin Holywood Audio

Holywood beat is made by producer TKAY. Kim Seungmin use different type of flow that change without prior notice in this track thats really addicting. Justhis feature make this track even better !! The beat doesnt change but the vibes is totally different between Kim Seungmin & Justhis verse.



Just like the lyrics in the track ‘Holywood’ : “Undercover gang with Milli Hyung, All the money is gone Flex Zone, so that’s it bicch i’m a get it with Giri hyungWe hope Kim Seungmin can follow his hyung success by going far on SMTM 8 !!

Kim Seungmin audition for SMTM 8

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