Kisum say Hi feat Woody | Annyeonghaseyo ~

Kisum say hi with a new single ~. Check out Kisum new track that feature Woody. Please say hello to me ~

KisuM Say Hi

Kisum is back !! It’s been 7 months since Kisum release the track 100 %. Former SMTM & Unpretty Rapstar contestant Kisum not only busy with music nowadays. There’s been TV appearance for Kisum on 2018 with SBS Pilot program ‘After School Hip Hop‘ with Killagramz, Sleepy & Rhythm Power.


Kisum Say Hi feat Woody MV

“Annyeong Naege Insa Haejuseyeo!” It’s a courtesy to say hi to everyone yet sometimes we ignore that because of circumstances.  Kisum remind us the importance of something really basic with a track that feature woody who already more than prove his worth by topping the charts with song ‘Fire Up’.

Rough Translation of Woody & Kisum Say Hi Lyrics

“Say It Nicely, that’s right, smile
That alone is enough
Even if you hate and feel sick of me
please wave at me and say hi
Say hi to me
You don’t have to like me anyway
Say hi to me
We only meet once anyway”



Beside promoting the track use mainstream channel, Kisum also do promotion by do a guerilla Busking event !! Look at the crowd sing along to Kisum ~”ANNYEONG ?? HASEYO!!”

Snippet of Kisum say Hi busking event

Kisum ‘You and Me‘ with Jooyoung

Make sure to follow Kisum & Woody on Instagram : @Kisum0120 & @woodykim92 . Can’t wait for future activities of Kisum !!



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