Joosuc Home feat Reddy | A prelude for future album

Joosuc Home, a new single by the veteran rapper who already debut 20 years ago. ‘Home’ is anything but old though, let’s check it out ~

Joosuc Home

Joosuc is back again !! It’s only been 1 month since he release Batman & Robin on February, yet we got something completely different from Joosuc. This year of 2019 will be a busy year for him, beside planning to release an album, Joosuc also plan to held a wedding this year, congratulation !!


Joosuc Home feat Reddy

Joosuc new track is a combination with Hi-Lite records Reddy. Home not only refer to place, but also metaphorically for people you love, colleagues, and music. Oh! I forget to Include Manchester City as one of Joosuc home, he’s a big fan of the blue side of Manchester, even wearing the club soccer Jersey for the MV !!



The track ‘Home’ is just prelude of Joosuc new album that gonna be release on near future, Joosuc have been producing great track over the years, including a track feat Ailee ‘I forgot you’ which is my personal favorite.

Joosuc ‘I Forgot You’ feat Ailee MV

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