Takuwa Profile | Otaku + Kawaii = Kawaii trap

One of the most unique & fresh artist in Korea hip hop scene, Takuwa bring something totally different from other rapper. Let’s get to know more about Takuwa profile

Takuwa profile

Takuwa profile

Real name : Kim, JungSeok
Age : 23
IG : @kawaiiasfuckyeahthatsme
Crew : ΔZΠΟ2 Crew
Genre : Kawaii trap
Official debut : April of 2018

Apple Music ; Spotify


First thing first, before we get to know more about Takuwa Music, the more important question is why he use Takuwa as stage name ??? Takuwa actually means = Otaku & Kawaii.

ΔZΠΟ2 Crew

Member : _

  • PUP
  • Takuwa
  • Ripley
  • Producer Cash Note
  • MV director Zippy


Takuwa What should i Do + Deep Sea diver MV

Takuwa official debut track is also a debut EP titled ‘Kawaii Heart‘. In this MV Takuwa use that T-Rex costume that become one of his signature/speciality. Often, Takuwa perform in stage with that T-rex & have a really fun stage !!



Takuwa T-rex Costume


Takuwa SMTM 777

Did you notice Takuwa appearance on SMTM 777 ?? Even though we didnt get Takuwa rap but we still got few airtime from Takuwa on the last season of SMTM. Takuwa also gonna appear on SMTM 8 this year as one of the contestant, let’s root for Takuwa in the program !


Takuwa Karaoke feat ChoilB my personal Favorite Track

The music, flow, lyrics & MV is so fun !! This track is also a title track from Takuwa debut EP ‘Kawaii Heart’. ChoilB of WYBH verse also sound so cool !  ! This is the latest track from Takuwa which really describe Takuwa style of music = Kawaii Trap.BAD BOY THUGGY !

Takuwa ‘Bad Boy Thuggy’ feat Leaf prod Purple Boi


Takuwa SMTM 8 4th round performance with Rose De Penny

Takuwa Join this year SMTM 8. There’s lots of iconic moment including the 4th round 1 vs 1 battle against Rose de penny, Takuwa really goes far in the 2nd time he goes to Show Me The Money : Semifinal! Show different style of unique rap & performance that steal crowd votes even against more well known established rapper that he compete with.


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