Pluma Highline Entertainment | School rapper 3 Song Minjae

Pluma Highline entertainment !! School rapper 3 Contestant Pluma is the first to have a new family from HSR 3. Highline entertainment really found a gem.

Pluma Highline

Song Minjae is one of the brightest contestant on School Rapper 3, literally. Beside the obvious talent as rapper & producer, Pluma from frank musik also have a bright personality where he always smile & Positive to everything. Now Pluma have a new family with Highline entertainment.


Highline Entertainment is a home for Jang Sukhoon (was Byung Un of Balming Tiger), Producer Dress, DJ Soda & many more !! The agency is also a subsidiary of Starship entertainment so dont rule out Pluma future collaboration with Starship / Starship X artist in the future !!

Pluma School Rapper 3 Cypher

Pluma journey on School rapper 3 maybe was cut short just before Semifinal. But the member of team Cothe Qunst always have a solid performance without any mistake. The future is still really bright for Pluma, especially with he new family Highline Entertainment & Current family Frank Musik & Aqua crew !



Pluma with friends interaction


Make sure to follow Pluma Highline Entertainment on Instagram :@Pluma_from_frank , Soundcloud : @Plumaonthebea@official_houseofmusic . I dont think it will take that long for School Rapper 3 contestant to have a new family just like the senior~



What do you think of Pluma Highline Entertainment ?? Does the agency suit him the most ?? Let us know in the comment section below !