Rudals Freewill EP | Live today as if there’s no tomorrow

Rudals Frewill, back with 1st EP !! Former School Rapper 1 contestant Lee Kyung Min is here with 1st EP Freewill. Let’s check it out !!

Rudals Freewill

It’s been 2 years since Rudals release debut mixtape ‘High On life’ back in 2017. Only 18 years old back then, Rudals already awe many people and have many fans from School Rapper Season 1 & his music. Since then Rudals been quite inactive, only appear at Brand NEw Year 2017 & one of the track from Hanhae hyung About Time EP.


Rudals Freewill EP tracklist

  • Freewill
  • Skit
  • Milestones
  • Disconnection
  • When i look into your eyez
  • Insecurities
  • Bemyeverything
  • WYA

All the track inside Rudals Freewill EP is Written, produced, Mixed, Mastered, arranged & performed by his own !! Rudals already work since 2018, he want to release the song as a whole instead of a single so it takes quite some time to be release~.

Rudals ‘When I Look into Your eyez’¬†

“But i ain’t that Kid you used to Know” A lyrics from ‘When i Look into your Eyez‘ that describe Rudals title track and his new EP perfectly. it’s been 2 years since he join the first season of School rapper and boy he improve. Brand New Music really found a gem when they sign Rudals back then.



“Freewill, freewilled.¬†freewilling”.Rudals want to live today as if there no tomorrow, by expressing his emotion that feel at the moment and show various type of genre that suit his expression. This is my personal favorite track from Rudals Freewill EP that have totally different vibes than the track above.

Rudals Freewill lyric clip

Bonus : Rudals on School rapper 3

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