GREE VAGUE . It’s also mean Ambiguous & obscure

Gree Vague EP. The artist from Brand new Music release new EP with 5 tracks inside . Lets get to know more about the story behind this EP !!

GREE Vague

After dropping his ‘MC’ stage name from MC Gree into GREE last year, Kim dong hyun been exploring his new identity as an artist. Last year Gree trying a different style, add singing to his repetoire with ‘Doves’ single, but recently also use compact style of rap when feature in the Fiery Drama Priest drama OST with Punch.


GREE Vague EP Tracklist 

  • You can’t Go feat BRYN & 88 Selluv 
  • Ding Dong Ditch feat Seo Samuel & Gaeun
  • Dance Hall
  • Birthday feat Dope Doug & kash Bang
  • Doves


GREE Ding Dong Ditch feat Seo Samuel & Gaeun MV

As i said before, GREE been having a slight identity crisis, thats probably why this track has both GREE singing in autotune & have a fierce rap afterwards, which is brilliant decision. The track is so colorful, there so many different parts in this track. Gaeun hidden part in chorus, Samuel Seo verse & GREE fierce rap.



GREE have been preparing this EP for a long time, with lot of worries and thought in the process. The result is Vague, because i can’t define myself with one particular style. It reflect with GREE music, some may say it’s inconsistent but i would say its an adventure.

GREE Dance Hall Lyric Video

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