Dindin Wheein of Mamamoo new single Tears Drop

Dindin Wheein of Mamamoo collaboration !! Lets get to know more about the track titled tears drop . A heartfelt track with lots of background story

Dindin Wheein

I always wonder one thing, how did Dindin make time to release a song when he’s really busy ?? If you’re an avid tv show fans, you probably can see Dindin appear on television program every week (recently become the cast of Old House Rapper), he’s just that busy as an entertainer. TMI : Dindin is also a big fan of Wheein since years ago ~


Dindin also post a message for Wheein of Mamamoo on Instagram


“when i listen to Wheein voice few years ago, i always think i need to work with her one day. thank you for listening to my song and accept the offer to collaborate with me despite busy schedule!!”



Dindin Wheein Tears Drop audio

There’s a fun background story in this track. Dindin actually was inspired by fellow entertainer Yang Sehyung melody when they were shooting a pilot program on 2017. Since then, Dindin been adding lyrics and his thoughts to this track. Dindin also a big fan of Wheein of Mamamoo since years ago and were really grateful when Wheein agree to collaborate with him.



This is not the first time that Wheein collaborate with KHH artist, there’s also a really great track where Sik-k feature titled ‘Easy‘ back on 2018. Easy is one of my personal favorite and i still play it on my playlist often.


Wheein ‘Easy‘ feat Sik-k


Bonus : Dindin on KBS in Sync with Punch & Son Taejin

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