Bill Stax Price Tag | Sorry for the wait but i owe none

Bill Stax Price Tag. A new single from ATM Seoul boss title price tag . “Sorry for the wait but i owe none”

Bill Stax Price tag

Bill Stax is back !! We saw it coming when Bill stax is really active as feature artist in recent weeks. Feature on Mckdaddy track ‘Brace’ then continue again to feature on fellow ATM SEOUL Coogie track ‘Hooligans’. Not only become active again musically, bill stax also start to post more stuff on SNS !!


Bill Stax Price Tag

The track produced by BMTJ with acoustic guitar as the base instead of hard trap just like instagram username. Bill Stax also have a lyrics about everyone who keep associate him with drugs ‘I Just walk i dont run, people talk about my drug issue, i won’t change“.”good or bad. every trips got a price. my time, my love or even life. stop talking we already paid the price.” .



Beside become active again making music. Bill Stax/Vasco also address all the question and rumors about him that been spread in Korea news articles. Including also pointing out his views about drugs & prison and how put a user in prison just gonna make it worse instead of helping. Check out the full clip below.

Bill Stax Live Stream. Q&A

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