Reddy Dress Code | New track produced by APRO

APRO IS DIFFERENT !! Reddy release new track in collaboration with producer APRO. Lets get to know more about the track !! Who said KHH artists cant look good ??

Reddy Dress code

Reddy Dress code. Busy busy !! Reddy have been busy, beside release own music Reddy have been going to tour to China, while constantly going back and forth from South Korea to U.S. Last year, The Hi-lite artist also collaborate with Sky hidaka for several tracks, including the hit track ‘Stand By you’. Now Reddy release a new music that once again address haters and doubter of him.


Reddy Dress Code MV

APRO IS DIFFERENT !! Producer Apro made a great beat for Reddy. the beat sound tense which really suit what Reddy want to convey in this track ‘”Is it My fault that everything look good on me ?“. Dress code MV were also shoot when Reddy was in U.S few months ago, busy having a tour, making music, and also doing jobs for advertising.

Reddy Dress code Lyrics snippet :

“They Tell me to stop Dressing and rap better
Every now and then they comment on my IG
Private accounts with no profile pics, Ha! you must be a loser
Go look in the mirror, your style copycat
Who’s the only one featuring in Suzy first album ??
Who’s the one first korean to feature on Sky Hi music ?
Who just sold out all 4 cities in China?
Who in the scene as stylish as me ??
If i Don’t care about Music, why would i release album every year?”



This has been ongoing issue since SMTM 5 (Hence why he’s come to the show in the first place), Reddy lyrics and verse in the past tracks like Hi-Lite records ‘Break Bread also talk about the same issue. It’s hard to deny that Reddy look good, fashionable & so on , but i think there’s no rules that khh rapper can’t look good as well right ??

HiLite Records Break Bread


Bonus :¬† Reddy on SMTM 5 | ‘Like this’ feat Bobby

Make sure to follow Reddy on Instagram : @keemhongwu & Hi-lite Records : @hiliterecords . Don’t forget also to follow Reddy update account in Twitter :@hongwupics Can’t wait to see more from Reddy & hilite !! Maybe a collaboration with new member Swervy ??



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