MC Sniper Album -1 | It’s been a while for the veteran

MC Sniper album !! The first preview of -1, Subtitle 40 album was released back in August 2018. After 8 months the full album was released and its really worth the wait.

MC Sinper album

MC Sniper album.  A living legend, MC Sniper is one of not so many 1st generation rapper that still active in Korea music industry. Debut way back on 2002, MC Sniper have more than 220 songs release over the years. Also become the head of Sniper sound, a hip hop & R&B agency that have Ager, Bido Seung woo and many more.

MC Sniper album -1 subtitle 40 tracklist

  • Aesop fables feat Takeone & Gasinadeulo
  • Who got the Money feat QM
  • Skyfall feat Sonakbyul
  • Calling You
  • Cause I Love you
  • Elevator
  • Fingertip
  • Night Flight feat Rachael Yamagata
  • Plz dont leave feat VIdo Seungwoo & AGER
  • Kurt Cobain feat Goong Sook
  • Voice Message


MC Sniper Skyfall feat Sonakbyul

This track Skyfall was pre released back in august 2018. We’ve been waiting for more than 8 months till the album release !! Skyfall use piano as the base music and society problems & Anxiety as the lyrics : “The Education that have been ignored leads to its destination of repression & tears, did we learn math to count the dead?”



The title track of MC Sniper album is titled ‘Night Flight‘ featuring singer Rachael Yamagata. Again using piano as the base of meaningful and heartfelt lyrics “I Miss the signs, looking back i start to see, we all want to make history but baby this time i find the answer to my dreams the ones i never knew were waiting for me”

MC Sniper ‘night Flight‘ feat Rachael Yamagata

Bonus MC Sniper dingo killing verse, hit tracks from MC Sniper

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