Jolly V Dear Mama | A song for all mother & Daughter

Jolly V Dear Mama , a new track from Jolly V !! The former unpretty rapstar contestant is really active recently. Wait, Active ?? How come we never heard anything ????

Jolly V Dear Mama

Jolly V is really active, yet there’s not much news or spotlight for the former SMTM 3 & Unpretty rapstar contestant. Release Forest EP on December 2018, Huthut single on January 2019 & and last but not least, Dear Mama released just last week April 2019. Beside also busy as vlogger & more activities that she have been busy in recent years.


Jolly V Dear Mama Audio

Okay this is lukewarm. Have you ever feel that you’ve been a good daughter even though you made unusual choice in life ?? Have you ever feel that your mom gonna be a better daughter that you ever will be ?? But for mom, you always the best daughter she will ever have no matter what you do.

This is the snippet of Jolly V Dear Mama lyrics.

“I don’t know if this enough, but i wrote a song for you
I just want to love you like the way you loved me so
selflessly and endlessly”



Jolly V was known for a fierce attitude when battle tymee (even have a diss battle with Tymee on consecutive TV appearance SMTM 3 & Unpretty rapstar). It’s all in the past though, now they have reconcile and spotted hanging out together many times.\

Jolly V & tymee

Jolly V Dear mama

Throwback to Jolly V performance on Unpretty Rapstar

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