HiLite Sign | Swervy, Paloalto, Jowonu, Huckleberry P x Dingo

Put your Hilite sign Up !! Now Hi-Lite records have a new song with the same title ! It’s also collaborate with Dingo Freestyle ~

Hilite sign

Hilite Sign !! Hi-lite records keep rising on 2019 with the new song. Earlier this year, Hi-lite records sign young rapper Swervy, adding more to the rank after signing Jowonu last year. Now both of the new addition have a collaboration track with the longtime Hi-Lite records founder & artist Paloalto & HuckleberryP.


Swervy x Paloalto x Jowonu x Hyckleberry P ‘HiLite Sign’

Dingo Freestyle x Agency collaboration always produce a catchy track. There’s Iffy with H1GHRMUSIC, ‘FLEX’ with IMJM which really catchy, easy to listen and become unofficial anthem of their respective agency. Now it’s producer Yosi job to make another catchy track and he really delivers. The MV were made in Jeju Island, which really beautiful to look at and suit the track vibes.



Hi-lite records havent sent any of their member to SMTM 8. Last year, SwayD, Reddy & YunB become the representative of Hi-Lite records. Swervy & Jowonu also actually join SMTM 777 last year but were eliminated on the 3rd round (they haven’t join Hi-lite when they joined back then).

Hi-lite Record ‘Break Bread’


Hi_lite Records 9th Anniversary Party. 20th of April 2019

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오는 4월 20일 토요일, 하이라이트레코즈 창립 9주년을 기념하는 파티가 열립니다. 클럽 FACE에서 열리는 이번 파티는 하이라이트레코즈 아티스트들의 라이브 공연을 비롯하여 그동안 하이라이트레코즈와 다방면에서 협력해온 DJ들의 음악과 함께할 예정입니다. 🤟🏼 Hi-Lite Records 9th Anniversary Party ✔ 2019년 4월 20일 토요일 10:30 PM CLUB FACE (서울 서초구 강남대로69길 8) 입장료: 30,000원 테이블 예약 문의: 010-6364-2299 ※ 미성년자 입장 불가 (신분증 필참) ※ 운동복, 슬리퍼 입장 불가 -- <Timetable> 22:30-23:30 YunB 23:30-24:30 Tenx10n 24:30-01:30 APRO 01:30-02:10 Hi-Lite Records (Live Performance) 02:10-03:00 Paloalto 03:00-04:00 DJ Enduke 04:00-05:00 DJ Freekey -- ※ G2, Swervy는 해외 일정 및 개인 사유로 인하여 본 이벤트에 불참합니다. Flyer Design: @aka_viktor #하이라이트레코즈 #팔로알토 #허클베리피 #레디 #지투 #스웨이디 #윤비 #요시 #조원우 #스월비 #HiLiteRecords #Paloalto #HuckleberryP #Reddy #G2 #SwayD #YunB #Yosi #Jowonu #Swervy

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What do you thinkf Hi-lite records x Dingo Freestyle collaboration track ?? Which verse is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!