Peakboy us EP | Just a Story about you & me

Peakboy us. A story about you & me in 6 tracks. It’s been 6 months since Peakboy release 05/27 single back in August, 2018. Now he’s back with a new EP !!

Peakboy Us

Peakboy us. Officially debut in 2017 with Gin & Tonic single. Peakboy is part of Neuron Music which also belong to Paul Kim, Molly D & Swan.  Peakboy was registered as R&B artist in music sites yet this EP will show a different color from Peakboy. A EP without any genre define the tracks, it’s just Peakboy music.

Peakboy Us EP tracklist

  • Rollercoaster
  • Focus on Mex
  • The Same
  • Photoshop
  • Ponytail
  • S feat Jay Moon & Hunny Hunna

Peakboy ‘The Same’

‘US’ EP is self produced by Peakboy, you can hear the signature sound of him ‘Peakboy’ in the beginning of the track. The Same us guitar rhythm that were play by Park Wonjun (Instagram : @Kuwaitbak) . The result is easy to listen R&B evne though the lyrics is kinda gloomy.



Beside as Solo singer, Peakboy also have been working as a producer prior to debut. One of the track that Peakboy help to compose is Hanhae SMTM 6 Semifinal track ‘One Sun‘.  Also been working with artist such as Hello Venus & Urban Zakapa.

Hanhae ‘One Sun’ , co produced & composed by Peakboy

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