Woo Wonjae SS Feat Simon Dominic, Hoody produced by KHYO

Woo Wonjae SS !! Wonjae may currently been busy watching Tottenham Hotspurs & Son Heung Min in London. But he’s been working hard prior making music, one of it is ‘SS’ that just been released !

Woo Wonjae SS

Woo wonjae SS . After release ‘Taste’ with Giriboy & GRAY on March last month, Woo Wonjae is back with another track when the season change. Hoody also been busy with numerous featurings recently, most notably with Junggigo Track IWST. Simon Dominic also plan to release a new album this year beside preparing for AOMG new Audition Show ‘Sign Here’


Woo Wonjae SS feat Hoody & Simon Dominic prod by KHYO Audio

This comeback doesn’t come as a surprise because if we follow their Instagram we can saw Wonjae really working hard recently. I was writing back then how KHYO & Woo wonjae collaboration will be gorgeous to listen and i got it on point. This track is light, easy to listen yet have a good lyrics & meaningful as always.

Rough translation of Woo Wonjae SS Lyrics

Which one is better. Stop ranking things
If you like, why not have flower bloom
I want to enjoy spring as it is.
But it’s hard. It’s getting cold tomorrow.
What about four seasons, It’s gonna be Summer 2 weeks from now 
It’s just become a memory so whatever
Anyway, the sky out of the window looks good
Hey, slow down.you’re missing out a lot.

Woo wonjae have been enjoying his life more recently, enjoy the spring with his hyung. There’s been some criticism about Woo wonjae change of character & Music, where there few netizen that havent been happy with Wonjae music become more bright & Cheerful. We totally happy if Woo is happy, he’s not a game character and he’s gonna make a song according to his mood.

Happy Woo Wonjae

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