Wonjae King of Mask Singer Ep 199 | Woo Wonjae great vocal

Do you watch King of Mask singer every week ?? If not, you should at least watch Ep 199 because Woo Wonjae become a special guest !!!

Wonjae King of Mask Singer

Wonjae king of Mask Singer Ep 199. We didn’t expect this, Woo Wonjae sing ?? Are you serious ?? Yup we’re dead Serious because Woo wonjae appear on King of Mask Singer & show his voice to entire nation. And everyone (including Me) is shocked, his voice is just perfect. I’m always amazed whenever rapper flex their vocal cords and sing, most of the times they really good!


Woo wonjae as starking ‘Dont Worry’ ( Original Jeon In kwon)

Sound familiar ?? This song also one of the main OST for Reply 1988 Drama. Woo wonjae voice perfectly suit this song, his deep voice resonate well with the lyrics. If you remember in SMTM 6, Wonjae said he’s Shy and won’t sing in Karaoke because he think he have a bad voice and only did the rap part. I glad Wonjae have more confident now because his voice is really great!


Woo Wonjae mimic Simon Dominic Hyung voice

Wonjae have a new talent now !! He can mimic his AOMG hyung Simon Dominic. He even use the satoori & did a line from Ssamd hyung famous commercialAlbareul Respect~‘ . It sounds similiar right ??



Woo wonjae cover ‘An Old Love‘ (original by Lee Moon Sae)

At this point we all know that the one behind the person is Woo Wonjae. But the panelist is really surprised !! Well i don’t blame them because no one expect Wonjae to come for King of Mask singer, or even Sing in the first place.


Bonus : Woo Wonjae king of mask singer | Do funny pose with Shin Bongsun


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If you want to watch full episode of Wonjae King of Mask Singer Ep 199 with english subs you can watch it HERE . Let us know what you think after you watch the full episode !!