Ravi Eunha Blossom prod by Groovyroom | Starship x Pepsi

GROOVY EVERYWHERE !! When the signature sounds drop, we know its gonna be a great song, including this one where Ravi of VIXX & Eunha of GFRIEND collaborate together ~

Ravi Eunha Blossom

Ravi Eunha Blossom produced by Groovyroom. When the teaser comes out we really excited !! This track also composed by Woodz / Seungyeon who made time even though he should be busy competing in Produce X 101. There’s still gonna be more of Starship x Pepsi project, we really curious if there’s gonna be more of KHh/KRNB artist & producer who participate in this project in the future.


Ravi Eunha Blossom prod by Groovyroom MV

So the story of the track is Ravi the art teacher meet hamburger restaurant part time worker Eunha & get close because can of pepsi. Pepsi goals is to project the start of a new season (that marked with cherry blossom) and a blossom of new relationship with the lyrics, MV & Music made by Groovroom.



Behind the Scene of Ravi of VIXX, Eunha of GFRIEND & Groovyroom of ‘Blossom’


Groovyroom for Pepsi x Starship project ‘Blossom’

Ravi Eunha Blossom

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