Swings One Pick Road | Swings & Tonkatsu = Tonkaswings

Swings become the cast of One Pick Road !! A food show on Olive TV. Swings gonna share his love of Tonkatsu and many more in this program !!

Swings One Pick Road

Swings One Pick Road. We know Swings the rapper, Swings the head of IMJMWDP, Swings the SMTM producer, and Swings the sweet boyfriend of Im Bora. But did you know Swings the foodies ?? Moon Swings have a deep love for Tonkatsu (pork Cutlets) and even though he’s been losing weight by exercise and eating healthier food, he still can’t stop eating tonkatsu.

Swings One pick road cast alongside

  • Soyou
  • Lee Sangmin
  • Solbin


Preview of Swings One Pick road

Swings Love for Tonkatsu can’t be stopped.



Swings eat Tonkatsu ASMR

Swings also have a youtube channel where he sometimes did Mukbang/eating show. This time around, Swings did ASMR of him eating his favorite food Tonkatsu.


Swings introduce his favorite Cheese Tonkatsu to Giriboy & Kid Milli

The first episode of One Pick road iniclude Swings invite IMJM Friend Giriboy & Kid Milli to eat more Tonkatsu. They actually already eat a lot of Tonkatsu thanks to swings hyung but they still enjoy it nevertheless. This one is cheese Tonkatsu recommended by Pork cutlet master Swings !



Swings One pick road ep 2 : Cook Tonkatsu

Swings maybe a pork cutlet master when it comes to eating but he’s not the master when it comes to cooking. Still need to practice ~


Swings invite Dindin to eat Tonkatsu.

When i first watch Swings on MNET guess my next move i thought Dindin become Swings ‘Friends’ just to meet the quota of the TV show. But actually, Dindin is really a close friend of Swings !! We gonna find out more about their friendship tomorrow on 16th of APril 2019.


Swings ‘Bulldozer’

Swings the foodies is good but Swings the Musician is still the best. We can’t wait for More music from Swings & IMJMWDP on 2019 !!


Make sure to follow Swings on Instagram : @Itsjustswings & Olive TV Instagram channel @Olivefoodtrip for more updates about this show. I actually haven’t found any sites that upload the full episode so for now you can watch the clips on youtube ~.



What do you think of Swings new tv show ?? Do you enjoy Pork cutlets as much as Swings do ??