Suran Jumpin EP | The long awaited full EP

Suran Jumpin !! Suran release an EP titled Jumpin . This EP have been long awaited because Suran already pre-release the track and have been announced a few months prior.


Suran Jumpin !! That’s the title of the EP that we’ve been waiting since February. This album is actually a continuation of Suran first EP that titled ‘Walkin’. After established herself as a musician, Suran is ready to Jump & take a leap with this EP. Suran also been busy promoting this EP, including appear on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook.


Suran Jumpin EP Tracklist

  • Wander & Flow feat Yoon Mirae
  • Moonlight
  • Don’t Hang up feat pH-1
  • Hide and Seek feat Heize
  • OJB
  • Jumping

All 6 tracks in Suran new EP have different music style & Color, each of them is produced by different producer. Hide and Seek also already pre release as an single few weeks before Jumpin’ EP released.

Suran Don’t Hang up feat pH-1 MV

Title track of Suran Jumpin EP is with ph-1 !! This track tell a story about couple fighting over the phone, not in fiery/gloomy way but with witty and unique way. Beside this original version, there’s also acoustic version where Suran sing this song alone. TMI : Don’t Hang up is co produced by Woodz / Seungyoun that join Produce X 101.



Other track from Suran Jumpin EP is ‘Wander & Flow’ feat Yoon Mirae. Suran actually a big fan of Yoon mirae, one of her inspiration. For this track, Suran made a handwritten letter to ask Yoon Mirae to feature, Yoon Mirae agree and the result is a masterpiece.

Suran ‘Wander & Flow’ feat Yoon Mirae

Bonus : Suran hit song Medley on Dingo

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