Crush Sunset Soundcloud | April fools joke from Crush

Never trust anything on April fools day.  After post on Instagram that he gonna release a new album, Crush lying and instead release a great soundcloud track.

Crush Sunset

Crush Sunset. April Fools !! After announce a new album on his Instagram story (1st of April 2019) that we thought is a joke, Crush release a unreleased track on his soundcloud instead !! This is an April fools joke that i gladly accept and enjoy.

Crush Instagram Story on 1st of April 2019 “New Album today”

Crush Sunset


Crush sunset Soundcloud , release on 1st of april 2019

“April Fools !! It’s not an album it’s just an unreleased track, Ha!” . That was probably what Crush have in mind but we really dont mind. Sunset is a really great acoustic track, it’s simple yet it’s so charming, just like watching a sunset. This track is actually been performed by Crush multiple times on his concerts/events !



Crush soundcloud is a gem, he rarely post anything there but when he does, it’s always a masterpiece. There’s a remake song of Chet Baker ‘I Fall in Love too Easily’ as a tribute to one of Crush favorite musician Chet Baker.

Crush ‘I Fall in love to easily‘ (original Chet Baker0


Crush may actually not been lying all along !! According to Crush close friends instagram story, Crush have been busy working on new music, maybe an album is in store for 2019 ??


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