School Rapper 3 FINAL !! Six contestant left, only one winner.

School Rapper 3 Final !! It feels like yesterday when MNET introduce us to these talented kids, now its time find out who will have the best performance out of the 6 !!

School rapper 3 final

School Rapper 3 Final. After eventful semifinal that ends with drama and controversy. All 6 contestant of School rapper 3 final have gone through a lot in this seasons, now we gonna witness the next winner of School Rapper. A new chapter of Korea Hip hop scene, led by the new generation of young rapper.


School rapper 3 finalist

  • Aquinas
  • Siga A
  • Youngji
  • Sokodomo
  • Tang
  • Bluewhale


Tang ‘8‘ feat AGEE expression & Moonmean of 8zone

Tang pass the first screening of School Rapper 3 not just because his talent, but also because Tang audition video for School rapper 3 went viral !! For the Final, instead of featuring with famous artist, Tang decide to pay a tribute to his 8zone crew friend Agee Expression & Moonmean who helping his audition clip. Kwon Younghoon maybe not win the competition, but he win his friends heart.



Sokodomo ‘지구멸망’  feat Kirin

The propeller hat is back !! Ja Mezz will be excited by this. On more serious note Sokodomo is one of the most unique performer in School Rapper, defining his own genre, style with own personality right from the 1st episode. This performance also feature Kirin from 8balltown, another artist that have his unique style in hip hop industry. Can’t wait to see more Sokodomo music in the future


Aquinas ‘PopCorn‘ feat Penomeco & Youra

We found number 1 fanxychild fan, Aquinas !! Kang Minseo once again enchant the crowd with his style, this time with catchy hook & unique song. I actually wonder how 3 vocal with strong unique color : Aquinas, Penomeco, & Youra will blend into a song. The result is a masterpiece of never ending surprise !!



Special stage : Hotchkiss x GIST x GOI x UNTELL ‘Winner

Who Missed them ?? We do !!


Get to know all of the contestant of School Rapper 3.  If you want to watch School rapper 3 Final you can watch it HERE 



There still 3 more performance & winner announcement in the next PAGE !!