Nunsseop Profile . Eager to make Powerful music for fans !!

Nunsseop Profile. Do you know that his name is korean words for eyebrow (눈썹) ?? Let’s get to know more about him by checking Nunsseop Profile !!

Nunsseop Profile

Nunsseop Profile 

Name: Gyu Hyun Kim
Birthday: August 20th, 1989
Place of birth: Ansan, South Korea
Blood type: B
Debut: 2016
Instagram: @sseopman
Genre : Hip Hop, Indie
Check out Nunssoep Music on :Apple Music,Melon & Spotify
Twitter fanbase : @sseoparchive


One of the most Frequently Asked Question, How to spell Nunsseop Name ??




Nunsseop debut with track want produced by Alive Funk on December 2016


Rolling EP 2017 | Your Home Lyric clip

“just keep rollin’on” . Nunsseo first EP is heavy focus in future bass genre. Add Nunnseop unique flow & witty lyrics = you got a really great album. Khundi Panda & Kim Chann also featured in the tracks from Rolling EP.

Our Personal favorite track from Nunsseop : We’ll Be from ROMANCEISCOMMON EP

In this EP Nunsseop is experimenting with Electronic beats and it honestly really suit him !! EDM type music add with Nunsseop unique flow and catchy hook make this song (and the album) really easy to listen yet still sound sophisticated.


As featuring artist Nunsseop also didn’t disappoint, Here a track with J Word ‘Can’t Go on’

Jword vocal + RAUDI beats + Nunsseop flow = Perfection.


Nunnseop Gonna be back with track ‘Yeah Yeah yeah’ tomorrow on 14th of April 2019 !!

Nunsseop is also the nicest artist out there. He often do IG Live, reply fans Direct Message (including to one of Dkhhrnb Admin) and trying to get as close as possible to fans & everyone who support him.



This is just a snippet of Nunsseop profile. We gonna look forward & updates future Nunsseop activities on Dkhhrnb. Look forward to more of Nunsseop in 2019 !!