Kassy Yoo Heeyeol Sketcbook 431 | 2019 Breakthrough and OST Demo Vocalist

Kassy proved that not only she was a rapper you know from Unpretty Rapstar 3, but she also can be a vocalist with heart-wrenching voice through this broadcast. Check out Kassy Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook !

Kassy Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook

Kassy Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook. On February 22nd, 2019, Kassy performed at Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook 431 with theme, “What is Your Dream?” The episode made the audiences wonder what dreams the guest singers have. Kassy first came to people’s attention on Unpretty Rapstar 3. Many people know her only as a rapper although she is also a good vocalist. It is a dream of hers to be on Sketchbook in many interviews.


Kassy Regularly Cover Songs . 

Kassy debuted in 2015. Kassy covered “Hug Me,” a popular song by Jung Joon Il. Kassy fragile but solid voice brings a different charm to it. Kassy chose “Hug Me” because she has still been uploading cover songs. She likes the idea of singing songs that are not originally hers. “Hug Me” has the most views out of all her covers (1.68 million views).


OST Demo Vocalists

Many recent releases are sung by Kassy first. She signed with an agency where the employees mostly write songs. When songwriters worked on OST songs of soundtracks, she had provide them the voice for the demo. When asked about telling a message for the artist who sing the OST because they may not know about Kassy, Kassy told, “Hello, sunbaenim. I am the singer who sang yout guide tracks. My name is Kassy. It is nice to meet you all.”



First, Kassy showed the demo of Ailee “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” (OST Goblin drama) in Japanese because it will only disturb the lyricist while writing the lyrics.  “The original vocalist of this song has a powerful voice and showcases heavy and rich emotions.“ “There is nothing you can do though because it is up to the singer,” Kassy responded by the fact that demo-singers choose random words while singing the demo.



That Day Was Beautiful”, Which Has Done Well on the Charts

Then, Kassy introduced about her song, “That Day Was Beautiful.” “This song was released on December 31, 2018, the last day of the year.The song came out 2 months before the broadcast, and since February, it has started racing back up in the charts. It slowly started moving up in the charts from the 100th place. So far, it has gone as high as the 2nd place.


It was written by songwriter Jo Young Soo, and I participated in the lyric-writing process. After ending a relationship that felt like real love, I went on a trip alone. That was when I wrote the lyrics. It was not really about being reminded of that person. Rather, it was about how adorable I think I looked when I loved him and how great those moments were. I guess that was what I wanted to write about. That was how the song came about.”


Kassy Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook, tell her Dream

When asked aboud her dream because it was her first appearance on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook, Kassy said, “My dream? Well, this may sound too grand, but I just want to be like the unchanging waves. The waves always flow without stopping. Also it is always there. It does not have o be a big wave. Even the smallest waves can get us soaked. Hence, my goal is to become a musician who is like waves.”



Kassy True Song Special CLip

Recently, Kassy also released a new song about a week ago (March 29th, 2019) titled True Song. True Song also has done well on the music charts. Check out her new release!


Kassy made one of her dreams came true, collaborate in the song, “Don’t Forget Me”, with one of her favorite artist Yoon Mirae! The new song produced by indie duo, Rocoberry.

Kassy x Yoon Mirae ‘Don’t Forget Me’


Make sure to follow Kassy on Instagram : @Real_kassy . She’s just gonna keep rising in the music industry ~ If you want to watch Kassy Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook ep 431 english subs you can watch it HERE



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