Baek yerin album | Our Love is Great release after more than 2 years

Baek Yerin is back !! After 2 years of long hiatus, Baek yerin is finally back with a new mini album ~. We’ve been waiting for a long time.

Baek yerin Album

Baek Yerin Album ‘Our Love is Great’ . Love you on Christmas was released on 2016. It’s been really a while since we heard Baek Yerin music. To be fair, she’s still active perform on concerts, events & also feature in Ku One Chan track ‘How Did You‘. But still, it’s kinda sad when my playlist still playing Baek Yerin songs from 2015 in 2019. That was until the new album our love is great release!!


Baek Yerin album Our Love is Great tracklist

  • Merry & witch flower
  • Maybe its not our fault
  • Dear My Blue
  • Our Love is Great
  • I dont know feat Carthegarden
  • See You again
  • I dont know (2019 version)

Baek Yerin Maybe its not our fault MV

The track that rules the chart for weeks. Maybe its not our fault is the title track of Baek Yerin new mini album Our Love is Great that tell a story about a couple in a relationship “Uneasiness that unintentionally grew between us is not our fault, it’s eventually gonna make us grow” .



Just few hours after release, ‘Maybe it’s not our fault’ top all south korea Realtime charts. I was truly grateful that many people in South Korea enjoy the track as much as we do.

Baek Yerin ‘See You Again’ live clip onstage 2.0

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What do you think of Baek Yerin album  Our Love is Great ?? Which track is your favorite track ?? let us know in the comment section below !!