Punch Breeze with GREE | The Fiery Priest Drama OST part 2

The OST Queen is back !! Punch is back singing OST after release her own mini album back in January. It also features GREE who also gonna release an album soon !

Punch Breeze

Punch Breeze with GREE for The Fiery Priest Drama OST, a detective crime drama that air on SBS TV Channel every friday and Thursday. The rating of this drama is quite high, especially when this track release, it even reach number 1 TV Ratings in Seoul for Saturday drama ratings!! The fiery priest drama is good though, you should watch it if you have a free time ~


Punch Breeze with GREE

It hard to explain this track without giving any spoiler. So this track gonna accompanny Kim Nam Gil character (A priest) who filled with anger towards injustice. The track is combination of rage & loneliness, MC Gree fiery rap combined with Punch voice that full of loneliness express the character mindset, which in the drama is really furious yet can’t help but feel lonely.



Punch have been really busy recently. Beside release her own album, Punch also busy become the one of the cast of KBS ‘In Sync’ where she made a remake of numerous countless hit track and make it even better.

Punch x Dindin x Son Taejin ‘Come Back to me’ (Original Byeon jin sub sunbaenim)


Gree new Album teaser ; Title track ‘Ding Dong Ditch‘ feat Seo Samuel & Ga Eun

Meanwhile GREE (He’s drop the MC title because of the new music style where he also sing) gonna release a new album soon. The album feature BRYN, 88Selluv, Seo Samuel, Ga eun, Birthday, dope doug & Kash Bang . It gonna release on 12th of April of 2019



Make sure to Follow Gree on Instagram :@greestvg ; Punch doesnt have instagram but we gonna keep doing an update of her because she really active !!


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