Ash Island Album | First album from Ambition Musik Maknae

Ash Island Album !! Yoon Jinyoung have come a long way since his appearance on School rapper 2 last year. Now he just release an album titled ‘Ash’ !!

Ash Island Album

Ash Island Album. Since joining Ambition Musik, Yoon Jinyoung / Clloud change his stage name to Ash Island and already release the track Deadstar. Different than past release Deadstar, Ash Island use 90’s Rock music as the base of his music on this ‘Ash’ Album. All of the track is produced by Wayside Town crew mate Toil.

Ash Island Album Ash Tracklist

  • Paranoid
  • Valhalla feat Hash Swan & yami tommy
  • Deadstar feat Changmo
  • Forgot U feat Bloo
  • Submarine feat Tommy Strate
  • Q Mark feat EK & Hash Swan
  • Fall

Ash Island Paranoid MV

I LIVING IN THE F**KING PARANOID  !! The catchy intro become viral after the song released. Ash Island & Toil is using rock music for this track.  If you were Lucky enough to see this song live, it becomes 100 times better when being perform in concerts/ events. Changmo hyung also made a remix version of Ash Island Paranoid that was available on Changmo Soundcloud.



Another track that use guitar as the base  is ‘Valhalla’ featuring Ambition Musik hyung Hash Swan. Yoon Jinyoung really pull it off with this music style. TMI : Ash Island, Hash Swan & Kim Hyoeun just join Wayside Town crew which include LeellaMarz, Yourbeagle,& Toil just to name a few,

Ash Island ‘Valhalla‘ feat Hash Swan Live clip with MC Rap


Bonus : Yoon Jinyoung / Clloud performance on School Rapper 2

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