Microdot Parents Fraud Case | All you need to know

Where is Microdot & Sanchez ?? They actually been on hiatus since last year because of their parents fraud case that happen on 1997. We compile the facts of what the case is all about

Microodt Parents

On 24th of November 2018, there’s suddenly a report about Microdot parent fraud case. Microdot parents were reported to borrow money from the bank, ask close friends to co-sign it back in 1997 and run away to New Zealand. The case getting bigger when one of the victim even reported to dropped out from schools to work for family because they been struggle since getting fraud.

Microdot & Sanchez have been on hiatus ever since this case become one of the biggest issue in South Korea back in 2018. Microdot was appearing in 4 TV programs but decide to cancel all his schedule and getting edited out from the program. Meanwhile Sanchez was plan to release his album but also cancel the release without any notice.

Microdot feat Jung Eunji track that pending to release


After 6 months, Microdot parents finally back to South Korea, last night they were escorted by the police for further investigation of the fraud case. Microdot is actually getting criticized a lot by south korea netizen prior to his parents return to South korea because he disappear from his apartment. Further information report that Microdot & Sanchez have been going to several victims and try to settle the fraud case.



Microdot parents escorted in the airport

The police have clarify that Microdot & Sanchez got nothing to do with the fraud case. Microdot was only 5 years old & Sanchez was only 10 years old on 1997. Nevertheless, Microdot said today that he gonna pay the victims back regardless the result of police investigation of Microdot parents. Police said that the damage amount to 600 million won in 2019.



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