Junggigo Hoody ‘I Wanna Say that’ | Great collab prod by Primary

Junggigo Hoody Collaboration !! Surprise ~ Yesterday, Junggigo suddenly release a teaser of their collaboration and we HYPE !! Let’s check out what the collaboration is all about.

Junggigo Hoody

Junggigo Hoody ‘I Wanna Say That’ . Now the season has change, it’s time to say goodbye to winter and say hello to spring, accompanied by Junggigo & Hoody sweet voice and also Primary music ~. Have you go out yet to greet the new season ?? This song would fit the mood of you who plan to travel in the new season ~


Junggigo Hoody ‘I wanna Say That‘ prod by Primary MV preview

Okay Primary still got it. One of the most active producer in Korea music scene, Primary already produce nearly 250 tracks in his career. ‘I Wanna Say That‘ is also a masterpiece, no exception. Just like the album description, this song depicts a new starts of a new love in a new season. Aesthetic MV, cute storyline, cherry blossom, traveling in the beginning of spring, Junggigo + hoody voice, Chill music by primary = a recipe for a timeless track.



In case you haven’t know, Jungiggo is not a part of Starship entertainment anymore. Now start his own label and been release a lots of music !! Last year, Jungiggo release a track ‘Swish‘ feature Soma, i already made a lengthy review of that so make sure to check it out ~.

Junggigo ‘Swish‘ feat Soma MV

Make sure to follow Junggigo Hoody & Primary on Instagram : @Junggigo ; @Hoodykim ; @primary0131 . We can’t wait for more track from them !!


Listen & purchase to Junggigo Hoody ‘I wanna Say That’ on Melon, genie & Bugs



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