Crush Master in The House EP 62 | Get to know lovely Doyou !!

Crush become a guest on SBS Master in The House !! In This episode, the cast & the guest will learn about dog with the master trainer. Let’s get to know more about Crush lovely Doggie Shin Doyou.

Crush Master in The House

Crush Master in the House. SBS Jibsapu invite 3 dog owner for this episode. Crush gonna learn from the master on how to train Doyou !! This episode is gonna be an educational one for you who have pets at home, while also a fun one because there’s lots of funny scene in this episode of Master in the house !!

SBS Master in The House Ep 62 guest list

  • Crush with Doyou
  • Yoon Bora with Seol & po
  • Lee Hongki with Mongle


Doyou introduction

Crush Master in The House

Name : Shin Doyou
instagram : @Shindoyou with more than 100 thousand Followers
Breed : Japanese Spitz
Age: 5 years old
bad personality : bites & aggressive towards strangers
Fun fact : Appear on Crush ‘Outside‘ MV



Doyou & Crush already know the trainer

This is not the first time that Crush & Doyou meet the trainer. The first time they met is 2 years ago on EBS TV Show about pets. Back then Doyou is still so aggressive & untrained, the dog master is helping Doyou become more docile and calm. The master of doggie actually gonna train Crush for this episode !! Not training Doyou because doyou already a good boy now.



Crush & Doyou on EBS


Crush Love doyou So Much that Doyou become over protective

The master said that Doyou negative traits of being aggresive towards strangers is because Doyou love Crush too much. Crush always pamper & spoil doyou so much, which is a bad thing because Doyou ended up become over protective to Crush. Doyou often bark & bites strangers who want to meet Crush.


The Song Woo ah is made for Doyou

Yup the romantic song isn’t made for a girl but for lovely Doyou !!! Even the lyrics indicate that the song were made for Doyou, aw Crush love Doyou so much ~



Another song that Crush made for Doyou is ‘Your Dog Love You’ by Colde



Dog quiz by the dog master !! Sky Castle Style ~

The last scene from this episode is when the Dog master gave a quiz about doggie. Doyou show his talents by winning the challenge against other doggie. Doyou is as talented as his appa Crush. We learn a lot about both of them in this episode right ??


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